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critical awareness Critical Awareness

What is Critical Awareness?

This question is equally important as how boundaries improve critical awareness.

So what is critical awareness?  In this instance we are going to define it as empathy.  To adequately define empathy I want you to imagine yourself as someone else.  This is more than standing in their shoes or seeing the world their their eyes.  Close your eyes, separate yourself from your reality, take a moment and think about how they might experience the world.  What influences might affect the way they interpret reality?  How could their bias alter how they see and interact with others?  What do you think their intent is? This is one way to empathize with someone.

To empathize you aren’t feeling this person’s emotions. To feel what they feel is to sympathize, sympathy is a pathology, a disease of critical thought.  The most effective way you can love another person, while loving yourself is stop sympathizing and start empathizing.

How do boundaries improve critical awareness?

Through personal boundaries you can more effectively empathize, which will help you identify and interpret the filters and boundaries of others. This will increase your ability to communicate and protect yourself from dangers inside and out.

How does critical awareness improve boundaries?

People who use critical awareness only experience emotions relevant to them. This effective framework prevents others from manipulating them.  They have drawn a definitive line in the sand between their feelings and those of others. This boundary enables them to distinguish their thoughts and feelings from the emotions, thoughts and manipulations of others.


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