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Live life to its fullest! Discover hope, embrace science-based medicine and become your own advocate at Shawn White Blog. This site is dedicated to personal advocacy, helping people with cancer and making the most of every moment.

Join me and Discover Hope

Hope, the cute, yet terrifying mouse. She has guided us, continues to guide us and will always guide us. Hope is our faith, love and belief we can make the best of any situation. With Hope we can find our way through any hole, overcome any obstacle and put a smile on anyone’s face.

The more we know, the better off we are. Throughout our lives we’ve been told ignorance is bliss, but you and I know this to be false. Imagine how many lives could be saved if others with cancer knew more about their terrible disease at the start of their journey? If I had even a fraction of my knowledge when first diagnosed I would have walked a completely different path. I would have understood why a NET specialist was essential, I would’ve been more powerful and demanded excellence from my health care providers. Clearly, I cannot travel back in time to change the events in my life, and even if I could, I wouldn’t. It sounds utterly insane, but getting cancer was the best thing to ever happen to me. Since I was a youngster I have been searching for a purpose, and now I have one. My purpose is to help you avoid the pitfalls in this terrible journey by casting a light on the many holes to reduce the horrors you must face. If I get to help just one person, then my pain had a purpose, and that gives me peace.


Sights, Be who you were born to be

Sometimes we see signs that encourage and compel. Sights that inspire and raise us higher. They can be moments that move our heart into our dark parts and swell our eyes with tears. They can be shafts of golden light brilliantly shinning with the sun’s delight. Maybe they are inspired ...
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See, Open your eyes and…

Witness the world for the first time The forest may be lush and green. It may be truly serene but not everything is happy and healthy in this scene. In this flowery forest are fights, bites and bitter cold, and whole lives are spent fighting for control. Though there are ...
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Water and the Myths of Massage, can we massage out toxins?

I hope you brought your water pills cause its time to take your medicine!  Oh you’re out? Well you can find more at your local grocery store in the Snake Oil isle. You know the one? The place where everyone can pretend they are treating their illnesses with placebo! Speaking ...
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Charlatans MLMs and con artists

Charlatans, MLMs and con artists Watch out for the monsters lurking in the shadows. Be wary of those who whisper secret remedies able to cure your maladies. Remember good intentions spoken by sweet people can be poison. They may wish love, health and happiness, but if they have been bitten by ...
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Hot Stone Experience

Stone Massage Experience

The world of massage is a melting pot of philosophies. The beauty of this dynamic is it permits for a personalized approach to our profession. This lesson accounts for professional uniqueness by integrating your existing methods with the stone massage experience. The Stone Massage Experience Hot stones sliding against our ...
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ncan patient conference

NCAN Patient Conference

Our disease is a hard sea to sail, its dark and the waters are rough. NCAN’s patient conferences are the lighthouses we need to see. The opportunities are vast and have great potential. The world’s best are at your disposal. Complicated questions are answered, resources are revealed and for a ...
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Massage: MBLEX, Body Mechanics & Communication

When I went to massage school very little was spent on body mechanics, technique or communication. Instead the class room experience focused on the MBLEX (the licensing exam every massage therapist must take to become a licensed practitioner). I understand the weight this test is supposed to play in a ...
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bowen technique

Bowen Technique? What the heck is that?

What is the Bowen Technique? The Bowen technique also called the Neurostructural Integration Technique uses a combination of soft tissue manipulation and energy work. Supposedly through a series of gentle movements at precise points the therapist promotes the flow of energy and creates vibrations throughout the body. This modality utilizes ...
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Hope 27

Words of Hope 27

Remember it’s fun to swim and dance with glee, cause when you do it sets you free. Truth be told, if I may be so bold, being silly makes me smile. It gets rid of the waste by making my day taste sweet and tart as it warms my heart ...
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Hope 26

Words of Hope 26

Most times when I breathe it hurts, like a knuckly knot tying off the life to my lung. Sometimes when I breathe it feels light, gentle and soft like a soothing sheet cuddling us asleep. Tonight as I lay in bed waiting to dance my sleepy time tunes my heart ...
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Hope 25

Words of Hope 25

It’s a water day. On weekends when I feel ill. The water helps calm me. Like a massage against my skin, a warmth to my muscles. It makes me want to sleep away the last few hours before the sun rises. To wake and return to life refreshed. That is ...
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Looyen Work

Looyen Work? That’s a strange name! What does it have to do with Adhesions?

What is Looyen Work? This modality may be described as a combination of physical therapy and psychoanalysis. Looyen Work practitioners claim to have the ability to penetrate deep into a muscle to reduce tension, remove adhesions and improve range of motion. This modality uses a variety of techniques and pressure levels, ...
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What is Neuroendocrine Cancer

I have a really cool kind of cancer, but not a really cool one to have. It is a decently rare type that does all sorts of amazing things to the human body. These amazing things aren't very fun to experience, but when we look at them objectively it is incredibly fascinating. My cancer is called Neuroendocrine Cancer, now this disease does all the terrible things regular cancer does. It, like a lazy roommate trashes our house, eats all our food and progressively wrecks our home. It also has the ability to synthesize and secrete hormones. One tumor can create a multitude of hormones. Now these little microscopic criters are delightful when they are in the proper amounts, but when they are too high or too low they start causing serious problems in the body. An example is serotonin, most people associate serotonin with the happy feel good hormone juices in our brain, but this only accounts for about 10% of it, the rest can be found throughout our body, and is synthesized in the gut by enterochromaffin cells and are used predominantly for bowel motility. If a tumor is producing serotonin in high doses it may cause a cancer patient to have 10 to 20 bowel movements a day and may even destroy their heart valves, resulting in serious health complications.

Now this isn't all the hormones, others might include adrenocorticotropin hormone, histamines and various other hormones. If that wasn't bad enough, the tumor can be very difficult to find with imagining technology. Neuroendocrine cancer is incurable, so once you have it, it will never go away, no matter how many tumors you’ve cut out, your new friend will be your besty for life.

Is there hope for people with cancer?

If we are alive there is always hope. It doesn't have to manifest in the form of a potential cure. Life is about living the highest quality we can. Cancer has had a huge impact in my life. I have had many friends and love ones endure this challenging road and I want to help others see the pitfalls they will face so they may avoid or minimize the pain when they are confronted by these obstacles.

Shawn White what do you have to offer me?

If you dig people who live with a purpose, you will enjoy your time with me. I love humanity and I have dedicated my existence to inspiring others, bringing joy to their lives and helping people help themselves.

There is so much horror in the world, but that doesn't mean we have to succumb to it and surrender. We can stay strong even when are weak, see hope when we can never be healed and live life with love. In every second there is a snap shot of infinite beauty, and no matter how hard life becomes, if we have hope we can make the most of every moment.

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