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Live life to its fullest! Discover hope, embrace science-based medicine and become your own advocate at Shawn White Blog. This site is dedicated to personal advocacy, helping people with cancer and making the most of every moment.

Join me and Discover Hope

Hope, the cute, yet terrifying mouse. She has guided us, continues to guide us and will always guide us. Hope is our faith, love and belief we can make the best of any situation. With Hope we can find our way through any hole, overcome any obstacle and put a smile on anyone’s face.

Orthomolecular Therapy, Mega Vitamin Dietary Supplements

Orthomolecular Therapy, Mega Vitamins and Dietary Supplements might be bad for me?

Food is our first medicine, but it is not our only medicine. In fact once we are sick there is little an apple, a steak or a pile of multi-vitamins can do. Aren’t dietary supplements good for me?  Some claim multivitamins, diet pills and energy boosters are beneficial. However, according to ...
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Intent Passion Lust Love Ulterior Motive

Intent, Passion, Lust, Love and an Ulterior Motive

You say you want to network? I say I want to make friends. When I introduce myself to other humans my goal is to give something good. The world can be dark and dreary, I want to help people slice through the cumulonimbus clouds to see the radiant rays of ...
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shyness social anxiety know

Caught in a NET? Shyness, Social Anxiety and finding the right doctor

Finding a new doctor is like dating. We get to know who they are, what they believe and how they approach life. We want to make sure we are compatible and can spend a large chunk of our lives together. This doesn’t mean we are crossing professional boundaries, quite the ...
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Caught in a NET? You have 26 seconds to talk to your doctor

Caught in a NET? You have 26 seconds to talk to your doctor

What do you mean by 26 seconds? I thought the appointment was fifteen minutes! Think back to the time you’ve spent in a doctor’s office. Once they walk you through the door to the sterile quiet office the nurse asks you the standard questions and tip taps her fingers against ...
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medical history records

Caught in a NET? Help your doctor help you!

We could have the best doctor, the perfect notes and the most amazing pitch in the world, but if our team doesn’t have our medical records, they won’t have the tools to help us. Doctors have a wealth of knowledge, but without our records they can’t help us how we ...
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Caught in a NET? How do I find a doctor?

There are no skeleton keys in cancer. Our journey isn’t a console game, we can’t enter a cheat code to speed through a stage and beat a boss. Instead we need a variety of keys to meet our needs. We must build and lead an all-star multidisciplinary team. How do ...
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Hope 8

Words of Hope 8

Most things are out of our control, that’s why we must become super surfers. With a surf board we can sail our troubling times and tell tall tales of terrific waves. With our words we can wash away the worry and show others the wonder of the world. Shawn White ...
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net specialist

Caught in NET Cancer? Cut yourself out with a NET specialist

With each test of pain, I’ve discovered new ways to explain all the gifts I’ve gained. I hope my hardships will help you have the highest quality of life you can live. The cancer journey is terrible, everyone wearing this badge of bad knows this, but in our journey, we ...
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chapter 1 deep breath

Life’s Beautiful Cacophony, Chapter 1, Taking a deep breath

Life’s Beautiful Cacophony The Journey Begins Chapter 1 Once upon a time… Nestled within a mound of blankets, I listened to the muffled sounds of my bedroom. Individually they were annoying, together they were an orchestra, a comforting cacophony, a loving lullaby. Outside my cave of warmth, was a frigid bedroom ...
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Our Road

We all have our own road, whether it is cracked asphalt, grey gravel or cobblestone. When we are young someone holds our hand, teaching us where to step. Somewhere along the way our guide disappears, and we convince ourselves we must continue alone. Entering adulthood, we grab our keys and ...
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Burglary, theft, betrayal and a friendship destroyed

Our worst decisions often lead to the greatest rewards. It is from these mistakes we acquire the greatest wisdom. In the last few months of 2017 a friend came to me needing help, and so I helped. The price I paid was far more than I expected, and for my ...
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Hope 7

Words of Hope 7

Words of Hope 7 Be a beacon of calm in a tumultuous time. Find joy in the words that rhyme, and know the right things happen when it is time. Words of Hope Clinical Massage ...
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