Its simply you

Its simply you


Billy. Jillian. Billy Gew. Thats how I know that I knew you.
Lauren. Morris and Borris too. Thats how I know that you ate glue.
Peter. Paul. Betty and Sue, I remember when we found that shoe.
Roger, Timmy, Thomas and Toenail. I remember when we made that cow go moo.

These are the friends I bought at the store. All my old ones were such a bore. But now if you must know, I have made so very many many more.

I met Todd sitting on a log. His face was red and his ears so big.
And then there was Ned, sitting on that fluffy bed. He told me to call him Tackey Matty, and introduced me to Milly Dew.

Robby was known for being soggy and wore big brown shoes. Maloney ate bologni and constantly said show me after shouting whew!

I met Gore while he was sore, recovering from his walk to the store.

Tommy said he was a toadstool and was really good at pool. Doug owned a filthy pug named Lug and had a girlfriend named Geri.

Now with all these friends I dont know what to do. Clearly I cant go boohoo. Sometimes I am weary, but now I know, that if I want to be happy I have to put on a show.

Now I need to call Billy, Jillian, Billy Gew, Lauren, Morris and Borris too. I need to contact Peter, Paul, Betty and Sue, Roger, Timmy, Thomas and Toenail. I’ll have to find Todd and his log, Ned also known as Tacky Matty, and let us not forget about Milley Dew. I will get Robby, Maloney, Gore, Tommy, Doug plus his pug named Lug… and even Geri too.

Now I have almost everyone, but not just yet.
I know I missing something.
What should I get?

Oh yes now I know
That something is simple.
Its simply you!

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