The Lady in the Isle of Hope

The Lady in the Isle of Hope 8/23/2016


I’ve never felt a connection so profound

A heart power with so much pull

An immortal love transcending time and space and spirit of man


Lost in the sea of specters, she was my isle of hope.

She held in her hand a glowing lantern, that lit her innocent smile.

And guided me to her arms


Never in my life have I experienced such profound love

Such fullness of heart

Such a trueness of person


She was my soft guide, my angel of peace

With a smile and the nearness of her heart, she would ease my fear,

For a moment I could forget my terrors and set aside my agony


Her heart would heal me

It would shield me from the winds of horror that kicked glass and sand into my flesh.

With her touch she would raise me above the boiling sea of despair

With her hands she would cover my ears, hiding me from the screams bellowing from the sea of lost souls.



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