The Angel and father of wisdom

The Angel and father of wisdom 8/23/2016

Heart pain dripped from my eye, a darkness wreathed me in its frigid grasp.

Alone I was nothing, but among my angels I would strengthen


My legs were weak and my eyes were clamped closed.

The light of the afternoon sun burned in the sky above.

He was a gentle hand, the guidance of a father, the wisdom of a true soul.


His strength carried me, his love walked with me, his wisdom led me.

I felt safe beside him.


As my lung wept with exhaustion, he consoled me.

He told me stories and shared to me his soul.

A life long ago lived and the new adventures of life


My eyes watered as I looked at my angel of wisdom, my angel of guidance.

My words were brittle and my power weak.

“Angel of Wisdom.”  I paused.  “Angel of Guidance.”  My head slumped forward.  I felt a weight in my chest.

“My life, I feel as though I have squandered my time here.”  I looked to my angel.  “Have I wasted my whole life?  Have I touched others and left a mark in their heart?”


A pause moved through the air as my angel looked into the distance.

I could feel his heart align with mine, “I have been around the world.  I have met many people.  I would say that you’re ahead of the game.”  My angel spoke to me.


Tears welled within me and I wiped them away.

My angel of wisdom, my angel of guidance

My wayward traveling friend

My friend, the father of all souls.

You gave me the strength when I had none

You inspired light as I sat in darkness


You are my friend, my father, a love of my life I shall always remember

From the waking days of my life to the ethereal walk of death you will always be remembered, you are my wisdom, you are my father

You are the truest of all true souls

And my beacon to life.



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