A New Universe of Cancer


This piece is a snap shot in time of Kaos giving birth to the Greek universe.

A New Universe of Cancer

Discovering you have cancer is akin to the death of one universe and the creation of another.  When I was diagnosed with cancer I wasn’t strong enough to be an advocate for my own health.  I was so weak of mind and body that I entrusted my oncology team to do the best for me.  After realizing my oncologist’s understanding of my cancer was far from what I needed, it opened another universe.

This universe was overwhelming, it spawned so many questions and put me in a state of awe.  Truly it was an awesome experience, not the connotation of that word, instead the literal denotation.  It opened my eyes and made me realize that though I was facing a terrible road I had an opportunity.  In this opportunity I could help others taking their first steps down their cancer journey.  I could work to spread awareness of NETs and carcinoids.

This series: A New Universe of Cancer focuses on my research and thoughts and what can be done to help those who are on this horrible road.  Its primary focus will be Advocacy and a secondary on carcinoids and NETS.  I wish to also address the needs of those hold the hand of those walking the road of cancer.

This site is a good place to start, it provides a good introduction to carcinoids and NETS: Click me!


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