We must become advocates, all of us: 2

One Cancer


“Big pharma doesn’t cure people, they want to keep people sick and manage the pain.  They don’t want to cure people because there isn’t any money in it.”

“You shouldn’t do chemo because it is a poison and it is only going to make you more sick.”

“Chemotherapy causes cancer, that’s where cancer comes from.  There wouldn’t be any cancer if Big pharma hadn’t invented it.”

“You should stop taking your chemo because it is killing you.”

“You should stop taking your chemotherapy and see this shaman I know.  He’s amazing! I bet he could cure your cancer.”

“You shouldn’t do chemotherapy, I know this really good herbal tea supplement that has been proven to cure cancer.”

I have heard all of these and many others.  They are all bold and dangerous claims. Most people are so far removed from the world of cancer and chemotherapy that they make uninformed, knee jerk statements about cancer treatments.  They make claims that hurt innocent people facing life threatening situations.

These statement are dangerous because they broadcast their opinion as fact.  An opinion that may sway a person with cancer to refuse chemotherapy, because they trusted an unreliable, inaccurate and emotionally motivated source.

There is an ideology that is prevalent within society, one that serves as an advocacy for ignorance.  This ideology is a large brush stroke that uses many colors to paint their vision.  I would like to address the one that directly affects people with cancer, a group I call One Cancer, these people believe that there is only one cancer, that all cancers are the same and that they can be cured with the same treatment.

They believe that the pharmaceutical companies are evil and they either already have the cure, or they are creating the disease.  That their interest within the medical community is to juice out every last penny from people suffering with cancer.  They do not believe that someone would dedicate their lives to the betterment of others.  They believe that these organizations are made up of evil, greedy and selfish people.

It is through their bias and hatred that they form the opinion that chemotherapy offers no benefit.  Then do their best to spread that misinformation as far as they can.

It’s easy to vilify others; bias is so prevalent because it is easier to live with ignorance than to be informed.  Ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately, it is from this bliss that hatred is born.

Through this hatred misinformation is spread.  To be an advocate for your health you must have the awareness and ability to see and ignore the information that will hurt you.  It is important to be able to separate the information of credible sources from those that will not be to your benefit.  Ultimately it will be up to you to make that distinction.

Research is your greatest ally, you must research everything.  Take no one’s word as gospel.  If a source claims that a particular treatment plan is the best approach for your particular kind of cancer, see if they are a credible source.  It doesn’t matter who or what they are, fact check the facts they are giving you.  If the source is your doctor, get a second opinion, or third.  Use whatever resources you have at your disposal to see if the information being given to you is your best choice.  Making the best choice requires adequate information, critical thought and knowing how much you are willing to sacrifice and at what cost.

There are no small sacrifices when it comes to cancer.


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