The flavor of food

There are numerous moments when we take our sensations for granted. Though the flavor of food has returned to me, my tongue is numb in certain spots. I can enjoy taste, but the texture just isn’t right.


Recently a friend of mine told me about a woman she ran across while at work. She saw the lady staring at some lettuce, so she asked her if she needed any help. The woman said she really didn’t know what she wanted because she had no appetite, confessed that Doritos tasted like paper to her.

While going through chemo I experienced a range of flavor transformations. There were times when things tasted like ash and other times the flavors were extreme or exaggerated versions.  The best advice I have for anyone who is having a hard time eating is to eat even when you aren’t hungry, or believe you can’t eat.

Its important to have something in your belly, its the only way you’re going to have the energy to fight. At times my nausea was so extreme that I would immediately throw up after eating something. To combat this I would immediately make something else, no matter how many times I threw up, I would force myself to eat.

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