A Moment Before Love

A Moment Before Love

moment before love
Moment before time

This art piece is a snap shot in time just before we fall in love. It is at this moment that we each decide whether we move with the current of our heart or we pull ourselves to shore.

Without love, life would be without purpose.  The action of our passions is love made manifest.  This art piece was made during a troubling time, a moment where my world was being turned upside down.  The love I was about to embrace was a manic desire, a passion of the worst order.

The moment I fell for my love, my now love, was during another troubling time.  I was rising from the ashes of another life.  I was recuperating under the roof of a true friend.  My love, my now love came to me in a dark hour, an hour that became a long night, a night that became an eclipse of the sun.

If you would like to have your heart strings warmed with a smile uses your computer hands to click on this link.

If you would like your soul parts strummed and played with the passion of love made manifest then click on this link.

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