surely whirly its true

surely whirly its true

A poem by Shawn White

Whirly fun, surely you will find a fun time within these gummy good words.  This series aims to tell a story, a poem or adventure straight from my magical mouth. Not every moment is a serious one, sometimes we need to rest, relax and let our imaginations run wild.

If you think this poem is silly, you will discover many others like it.  If you like bonus grins or a jump kickingly good times, then look no further.  The core of who I am is rooted in silliness.  What do we have if we cannot laugh, smile and be jolly?

Clearly I have a message, I aim to achieve my dreams and passions.  I want to help those who need help, I desire to change the world and inspire others to do great things.  I will do all of these things and more.  Ultimately I will discover how to be my own health advocate, and teach others to become theirs.

What is the value of our spirituality, philosophy or religion if we cannot love?  If we cannot make our feelings and faith manifest?

Embracing the beauty of the universe is often neglected by everyone, it is not a symptom of a disease.  It is the byproduct of the hypnotic fog of complacency surrounding and saturating our lives.

I have always tried to enjoy the fruity flavor of life and all the love it had to offer. There have been times when the foam of life has obstructed the taste experience. Where the other feels masked the most important ones.  It is in these moments that we do our best to know that our frilly furls, and silly songs will one day return.

whirly silliness



surely whirly its true


Beef, chicken, pop-tarts and glue.
I just cant get enough of you.

While I eat my favorite flavor,
Hanging out with my fun savior
I beat the heat, by taking a seat,
And I wear my hat to the side
Like a big yellow slippery slide
And Im filled with so much watah
I just gotta to holla

Later Ill be Drinking a beer with big ol daddy deer
While smores are cooked on oars.

But today, if I may.
I will say
Yes indeed, surely whirly its true,
Today wheely really will be,
The best day to chill with you.

So scroll just a little bit lower and click on the magical link.  I am sure the interwebs and my voluptuous voice will fill your heart with smiles. 🙂


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