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What do I have to say about life?  Right now I hate it.  I hate my existence, I don’t know if I have ever hated it as much as as I do right now.  Every moment I am haunted by this terrible disease, every part of who I am is built into it.

Sometimes I ask myself why do I even exist?  Why am I on this place?  What is the purpose of my existence? For most of my life I have known nothing but pain and fear.  Is this what life is supposed to be?  I really want it to be something more than that.  I want to live the life that…

Maybe that is just a fantasy.  Perhaps those are fairy tale lives.  I just never thought this would happen.  Everyone always says that, but I had definitive thoughts saying that I would never have cancer.

I’ve begun to relax as I type this.  There is a certain peace in doing this blog.  I really do believe I am experiencing all of this so I can help people.  That belief is very important to me, it makes all of this worth something.  I don’t know if I could endure all of this if there wasn’t something good to come of it.

I really have to believe that I can change the lives of others.  My heart needs to make this terrible journey into something good.  I need my life to mean something.

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