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Today I intended to have my scan but last night I felt terribly sick.  I hadn’t thrown up that much since chemo days.  I was up all night, so once the hour was close to my appointment I attempted to get a ride to the scan.  It would have been irresponsible to drive in my fatigued state.

Luckily the mixture hadn’t been created and I was able to reschedule.  I don’t know what had me so sick, I am not nauseated now, not since this morning. Maybe it was food poisoning?  The flu? Perhaps it was stress?  It could have been any number of things I suppose.

I’ve been focusing on stressful things as of late.  Maybe this is a sign that I need to change gears and add more levity to my routine.


I’ve been researching oncology massage, I am still very early in this process. By profession I’m a massage therapist, I love helping people.  Massage therapy when performed by a trained therapist can have instant and positive rewards.  It is one of the few things in life that has this ability.  So many other things in life that provide instant gratification isn’t healthy.

I mentioned this before, currently I am developing a booklet focused on self advocacy for patients.  Right now I am searching for others who’d like to be a part of this project, my goal is to create material for people who’ve been recently diagnosed.  I want it to be something a patient could refer to at any phase of their journey.

If you are reading my blog and have any questions about it feel free to post a comment and we can discuss further.

If you have enjoyed this post and would like to read more about my journey through cancer feel free to click on this link.


  1. Hiya, Shawn! Would highly recommend getting a script from your doc for at least one anti-nausea med. Had some prescribed for me prior to my radioembolizations, and they sure came in handy – extreme nausea can just jump on you so fast, but found them to be fast acting and real life savers! Take good care!!

    1. I used one of my powerful anti-nausea meds when I found myself unable to stop vomiting. It helped for a little while, but then it came back after about any hour Thank goodness it stopped.

  2. Yikes – you had a really bad bout of it!! So glad it stopped!!! Well, if you’ve got good meds, that’s really all one can do. I kinda figured you would, after having gone through chemo. Take care….hopefully you’ve gotten some good rest today. 👍🏻

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