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A Good Weekend

It was a fine weekend, I ate some tasty foods, had some good laughs and spent time with a handful of my favorite people.  Comfortable sleep was had and great fun was in abundance. All in all the last several days have been swell.

On Friday I met with a nutritionist, she was a lovely human being, truly an angel. An angel who was educated and informed.  She spoke to me like a person.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to sit down with her, ask her questions and have them answered.

I also met with a neurologist.  That doctor was another anomaly, he, like the nutritionist took the time to listen and answer my questions. Even if he couldn’t solve my problems, or provide a definitive answer.  He treated me with respect, he seemed like a genuine person, the kind of person who cares about others.

The weekend was great, it was a refreshing and invigorating break.


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  1. People just want to be heard and feel that they are appreciated – and matter.

    Listening is the answer. When we are speaking we limit the time we appreciate others, and reduce the potential for our own learning.

    Listening changes lives.

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