Introduction to Boundaries

Would you like to have healthier relationships, a more peaceful existence and a higher quality of life? Well look no further, all the answers you need are right here!

We’ve come accustomed to hearing this claim from life coaches, MLMs and late-night TV. Every one of them want to sell us the secret to a better life, unfortunately they too have no clue.

Instead of spending money on tips and tricks, invest in yourself. Search inwardly to see how you hurt to prevent others from hurting you. Use this knowledge to establish and enforce your personal boundaries and achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

Walls are important to us because they,

Discover your Boundaries

How do we discover our personal boundaries? There is not a universal system that is appropriate for everyone. We all walk different roads, wearing different shoes and walk at a different pace.

It gets frustrating sometimes because we can feel so lost. We run this way and that trying to find our way through this terrible maze. Eventually we stop and fall to the ground in tears because we’ve lost the will to keep going.

I have been there, it can be so horrific, but in every second there is a snap of infinite beauty. In this moment that beauty is an opportunity. When our life feels like it’s about to fly off the road we learn to steer our momentum by carefully pressing on the brakes. In this moment you can see everything for what it is because everything is unlocked, and we can walk through any door.

The Tree of Life series explores our boundaries by showing the best way to have them is by getting to know ourselves. If you would like some direction, feel free to look, maybe it will inspire you to find your inside parts and the walls you need to protect them.



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