Introduction to Boundaries

Introduction to Boundaries

Introduction to Boundaries

Our boundaries are born from a series of singular events. They are moments so painful that we learn to build walls to protect our heart from being violated. Introduction to Boundaries is a starting point within the vast world of personal boundaries.  In the posts to follow we will discuss how they are used to fight abuse, improve our relationships and enhance our critical awareness.

We will then move on to discuss Inner and Outer boundaries, what they are and how we can discover and set them.  Finally we will talk about some of the different boundaries and what they do for us.

Summary 1

  • To fight Abuse: Boundaries are without compromise, knowing this makes your lines in the sand become figurative walls.  Those seeking to violate you will have a more difficult time hurting your heart zones if you can say no.
  • Improve Relationships: All relationships require honesty and love.  If you wear your boundaries on your sleeve your friendships, familial bonds and romantic relationships will be genuine.
  • Enhance Critical Awareness: By developing a relationship with your own boundaries you will become more aware of the boundaries of others.  When you define your personal boundaries you improve your ability to critically think. Those who critically think are more aware of their environment.

Summary 2

  • Outer Boundaries: These have to do with how you interact with others and the permissions you give them.  They are the opposite of Inner Boundaries.
  • Inner Boundaries: These have to do with how you treat yourself and the allowances you grant.  They are the opposite of Outer Boundaries.


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