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How do boundaries help my relationships?  If you know what your limits are you can be honest with yourself and others.  This will help you to forge genuine relationships.

What if I enforce my boundaries and my love ones leave me? The relationships of our lives are important, but they have no value without respect. You may love your friends, family and romantic partners but if they don’t respect your boundaries, they don’t respect you.  Why would you want someone in your life who doesn’t respect you?  What kind of love one doesn’t respect your need to feel safe and secure?  Friendships have a tax, respect is the price.

What do boundaries do, how do they help me develop more genuine friendships? Boundaries can keep you from compromising yourself.  They help distinguish between those who desire to take advantage of you from those who want to share their life with you.  The people who seek to compromise your boundaries are not your friends.  People who violate your boundaries are bullies. Who wants a bully in their life?


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