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Everyone needs a good Thomas Hat story in their life.  If he were an actual person he’d say things like: hats and cats, bells and whistles, beans and berries. The things that would sprout from his tongue would be the sayings akin to the phrases that some who is super silly might say. Thomas Hat believes that the world is an abstract place, an experimental realm, the kind of land that lives and lies like a hat that’s been place upon our head.

His desire is to tell the tale of the world through another lens.  The kind of filter that sits on our scalp.  The kind that transforms our less than savory moments into those that he would describe as a hat-tastic time!

The Favorite Hat of Thomas Hat

Thomas Hat believes that it is more important to enjoy wearing our favorite hat, rather than where the hat takes us.

Never regret or feel bad about all the great times while wearing the hat. Instead remember those moments fondly, know the genuine hat-tasticly fun times and enjoy the closure you had while wearing it.

Sometimes we don’t get to do all the things we wanted to with the hat. Sometimes we may never get to do those things we wanted to, but don’t dwell on those things, just cherish all the moments you had the opportunity to wear that specific special hat.


Would you like to read more about the kinds of things Thomas Hat would say?  Then stay tuned cause there will be more to come.  In the mean time perhaps you could take a bite of something with a little bit more zing.  Click on any of the following links to learn about the thoughts and feelings that flow in the poetic form from Shawn White’s mouth.




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