Discovering Personal Advocacy


Discovering Personal Advocacy 

Before discovering personal advocacy, our life drifts within a void.  Slowly and without purpose we amble toward the ever-consuming maw of oblivion.  In these moments, we teeter at the edge of destruction.  Sitting on a wall like old humpty dumpty waiting to fall.  If we remain here we will break and we will leave our treatment to hands of all the king’s men.

Discovering personal advocacy doesn’t change the disease, it doesn’t change the nightmare of your circumstance.  Instead it transforms your treatment and the amount you are willing to endure.  Old humpty dumpty will still fall, he will crack and break and in the eyes of some will be rendered useless.  However, through personal advocacy we get to discover that old humpty dumpty is not an egg.  He isn’t a he, rather an it.  It was a cannon.  Instead of just letting any old joe try and fix it, shouldn’t we find a specialist for the job?


Once on the road for personal advocacy we find its one of twists and turns and dead ends.  It’s a path of heart break, loneliness and frustration.  As we move forward, taking a step then another, we begin to fill that void.  We become powerful and we stuff that hungry maw with our fist like Tyr did with Fenrir.  I want you to do it better than Tyr, let’s keep the hand while defeating the beast.  As we take a stand we step back away from the cliff, no longer will we teeter at the edge of destruction.  Instead we look out over the horizon and bask in the glory of the world.

Many Steps

This achievement of personal advocacy isn’t born from a singular moment of pain.  It is a tool that has been hammered into existence through a lifetime of abuse and neglect.  It is an artifact of Hephaestus, the crippled creator.  Like he, we will use the tools forged in the fire of our own hell to grant us the greatest life we can live.


If you gaze into the past you will see you’ve already taken steps towards personal advocacy.  There have been numerous moments leading to this point.

In my journey, there have been many steps and moments that helped unlock the door to my personal advocacy.  These ranged from suicide attempts to the enduring the horrors of Ino my caretaker.

Look back at your steps, see the moments and use them to take control of your life.  Be powerful, take charge and become your own personal advocate.


Discovering Hope


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