NOLA – Personal Journey


The moon light sliced through the clouds speckling the landscape with a silvery glow. Rain dripped from the sky coating the windshield with a layer that sloshed against the wipers.  The ground was slick and my eyes were tired, the combination made the drive taxing as we drove over the enormous bridge.  In the distance, limbless trees reached for the sky behind them was an eerie blanket of crimson. As we drove into the city the haunting vibe increased, the spirit of the air was strange for my tired and wary heart.

We drove down a lonely road, it looked run down and haunted with shadows. Following the directions of the GPS to a dimly lit multi-level building, we pulled through a narrow drive way and parked in the roundabout in front of the Hope Lodge.  Our bodies were fatigued and our muscles hurt, we were finally glad to arrive.

When we woke up the next morning the vibe was literally a difference of night and day.  It was warm and comfortable; the atmosphere was loving and the heart of the land was good.  The contrast of the land’s spirit was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

We spent all the time we could exploring and enjoy the beauty of New Orleans.  Though the swampy, bridge saturated city was a fun adventure the air was thick and hot.  Each breath was such a challenge to breath I found myself panting for air most moments.

Though the NET doctor failed to meet my expectations I have the wonderful memories of this enchanting city.


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