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You can see that I have all sorts of things to say, new ways to interpret reality, reflections that illuminate old avenues.  The real question is though, how do I feel?  Strip away all the things and processes and really share my feelings.

How do I feel?  Well the answer is actually quite simple.  I feel better than I have for over two years.

For the longest time a darkness has loomed over me, following me, biting at my flesh and drinking my blood.  This disturbing presence has been eating me alive for as long as I can remember and now it is gone.

After all of this, I finally feel like me.  I have reclaimed my heart and fed my soul. I feel wonderful, genuine and true.  It is a magnificence that is calm and good. The kind that is healthy and right.

Sadness still comes and goes, but its the normal kind sadness. The joy isn’t like lightning and its power no longer sets me on fire.  The cold chill of sadness no longer chills me to the bone.  Finally my life is mine and I can set my eyes on the future, achieving my planes, adventuring and basking in the magic of my dreams.

I feel good and healthy.  I feel right.  I feel balanced, harmonious and wonderful.


Moments – Reflections

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