Big Pile of Disappointment

Was it really a big Pile of Disappointment?

Last time I spoke a lot about how my trip to see the NET specialist was a big pile of disappointment.  I hoped that with that doctor it would be a moment I could ask him questions only a specialist could answer.  Unfortunately, I discovered he hadn’t reviewed my records and so my appointment with him was just a few notches above worthless.

With that said this was supposed to be the visit, and in certain ways it was.  The value of this visit was that I learned more about personal advocacy.  In the conclusion, I said: “Seeing a specialist isn’t enough.  You must take it to the next level, you must be the squeaky wheel, you must make noise! If you want to receive what you need, you have to talk loudly and walk with heavy steps.”

There were many valuable lessons to be discovered here.  The following is a step by step summary of what I learned from this experience.

Setting up an appointment with a new doctor

  1. Confirm: When you send your tests, scans, slides and medical history to a new doctor call and speak to them frequently until they have confirmed the arrival of your information.  How can your doctor read it if its not there?
  2. Confirm: Once they have your records call and speak with them frequently until they have confirmed that the doctor has reviewed your files and the pathologist has reviewed your slides.  How can your doctor help you if they know nothing about you?
  3. Confirm: Have them confirm in writing that your insurance is in network if they say that it is. How do you know you can afford this?
  4. Schedule: Once these conditions have been met, now you have the green light to move forward to schedule an appointment.

What happened to me?

  1. Yes! I’m in great hands!I sent my tests, scans, slides and medical history to the doctor’s office.  They confirmed it arrived.
  2. What?: When I arrived, my doctor said he never reviewed any of my medical records.  He said that the pathologists were still looking at my slides. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of seeing this doctor if they know nothing about you?
  3. How am I supposed to pay for this?: The hospital, front desk, and doctor’s office all told me that my visit was in network.  After the visit, they are now telling me that it was out of network and they expect me to pay a ridiculous amount of money for the services they claim to have provided.
  4. What happened?: I scheduled my appointment with the doctor before these requirements were met and I left with no valuable information.

Scans, Tests and Labs?

If the prospective doctor is ordering scans, tests and labs why are they wanting you to do them in their city?  If you must travel why don’t they have you do them locally where they might be cheaper and easier to access?

All in all, I learned valuable stuff, but at a very hefty cost.  The information I gained almost nothing directly to with my cancer.  There might have been some, lets dig into the big pile of the stuff that was discussed.


Personal Advocacy

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