Guilt – Tree of Life

Guilt is an emotion where we feel responsible for some action or inaction we believe had negative results. It and shame are split from the end of accountability. Our root of guilt can be good, but it has the tendency to be bad.  It may be experienced within a healthy range. In certain instances, it can prompt virtuous behavior, leading us to exercise restraint, make amends, help others and even aid in self-preservation.

It gets bad when we start embracing its negative aspects. It can be a gluttonous root, stealing all the life energy of our tree.  In the coalition of personal destruction, the negative root of guilt eats our emotional nutrients and starves us. If it isn’t trimmed it will sabotage our lives and destroy our palace.

How do end the negative cycle of embracing bad guilt? We achieve it by having a relationship with forgiveness. Forgiveness reminds us it isn’t meant to torture us, it’s designed to help us be healthy and accountable.





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