Guilt – Tree of Life



Guilt is one of the seven negative roots of the Tree of Life. It is an experience that we manufacture, no one can give it to us. It is an internalization of mental and emotional pain as the result of a trauma real or imagined. On the short term guilt can be beneficial, but if we carry it with us for longer than is needed it becomes unhealthy and it feeds into all of our actions and sabotages us.

When I checked myself into Center Point I was filled with a lot of guilt. I believed I had created catastrophic damage to the lives of those around me and to myself. My suicide attempt wasn’t simply guilt, it was a collage of complicated and simple emotional responses over a long period of time.

My time within the hospital allowed me the opportunity to slow down and analyze my existence. Through introspection I released my guilt and transformed it into the root of forgiveness. We must all learn to forgive ourselves, with that root energy we can then truly begin to rid ourselves of our emotional diseases and heal.


Forgiveness – Tree of Life



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