Birthday Sensation – Reflections

Birthday Sensation

There are no moments in life that are worthwhile to waste.

There are times when we might lose something special to us. This special something could be a someone, it could be a thing, perhaps even a sensation. Treasure the significance of your moments, because the things you value most, those elements of your life you take for granted, can be snatched away at any second.

On Monday, the eight of May, my beautiful birthday, I felt the roots of acceptance crawl back into my life. I could feel peace flow into the trunk of my Tree of Life. For once in a great many months I was free.  Free from incessant torture and endless misery, liberated and ready to take a fresh breath of air.

Even more than than my release from spiritual prison, I could once again feel my hands. I could experience the sensation of my finger tip’s touch. My face felt like my face and my lips like my lips. Oh my god I can not express how wonderful that felt. For months I have gone without sensation in these places, and now on this day, this significant day of my birth, I was having a rebirth. Reborn with a new outlook and the ability to experience the world for what it is, instead of what a blanket of numbness can interpret.


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