Thank You Christopher Burke

thank you christopher burke

Thank You Christopher Burke

Tonight was quite the evening. I read aloud many poems. Engaged in heart provoking conversation. Last, but far from least, listened to poetry that moved my heart. One performance caught my ear above and beyond all others. It moved me to such a degree that tears wrapped my eyes. This poet, this storyteller strummed my heart and played my soul.

Ordinarily I avoid the use of names in my posts, but today I must pay homage where it is due. I’ve never had the pleasure to be captivated and liberated by the words of one person. There has never been a moment where words pulled me into them with such gravity, such power that my being was absorbed. Where the sound of his stories reverberated and transformed the spirit matter of my being.

If you ever have the opportunity to hear the words of this man, I suggest you take the time to sit and listen to the tales of his heart. Relax your shoulders and lower your walls and you will be pulled into a land beyond heaven and hell. You will be in the realm of truth, of excellent of raw, unfettered humanity.

I cannot thank him enough for sharing his inside parts. Truly, deeply he has inspired my inside zones. Simply awesome! Awesome in the truest sense. Thank you, thank you Christopher Burke.


At peace – Poem

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