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Healthy Relationships

So much has changed since I began this journey. Many of the thoughts I wrote are no longer what I believe now. A good number were force fed to me by Ino. Spoonful’s of his hurt jammed down my throat into my heart. I have a peace-love relationship with my time with him. My heart has found peace, I no longer suffer with animosity or anger toward Ino. I love him as I would any person. The hurt he fed me has been spat out and the sour taste washed away. This peace has opened the pantry door for me savor the experience of healthy relationships.

From Ino and the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing I’ve discovered a quality I look for in others. True Empathy, the kind where hurt spoken is investigated before being dismissed. I want a friend in my corner who will listen to me, before they cast out my feels on this or that. The same is what I want to give, and that is exactly what will be given.

I’ve always believed that your lover should be your friend, your best friend. They should be your partner in crime, your battle buddy, your advocate. In my last relationship, I didn’t have this. It was a clear parameter set by them, a line I wasn’t allowed to cross. Healthy Shawn White would have ended the relationship then and there. Me-of-the-Past and Me-Now are a lot stronger than Chemo-Me, or Post-Chemo-Me. I was in too deep, too much in love during a troubling time to let go. It was the right thing for me, it was the affection and attention I needed. There is nothing I regret about that relationship. It was, as it was, and everything it was meant to be. I’m at peace with it and have moved on.

Every Relationship is Different

I believe that every relationship is different, each with its own social contract. Though different, all are similar in that they’re defined by the personal boundaries of at least two people. I dig love, life, adventures and dreams, but without personal boundaries none are possible.





  1. So much of life is like a country road, twists and turns, forks and Tees. We make a decision as to which turn to take, and sadly many are wrong. But the knowledge that at some point we can rectify a bad decision, the corrective direction we take is the hope that keeps us whole. In two weeks I will find out if my cancer is gone. It will be a year since my treatment Fear has no place in my life, and I don’t physical life but rather my spiritual life. My beliefs tell me to love all of my neighbors and to love the God that I believe in. Life, all life has value, but the next step in our journey is much more valuable. I seek no revenge for the pain inflicted by others, I choose to not return pain for pain. I do choose to love those that have trespassed against me, lied to me, or have tried to use me for their benefit. The goals I have set for myself are simple, love, fight against the anger that creeps into my mind, be as honest as I can, be a true friend, and help when and where I can, Just one last goal in my physical life is to be at the weddings of all my grand children Be well and may the light of love be upon you.. Dad

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