Tree of Life

Our palace is built from lumber harvested from the Tree of Life. This tree is enormous, stretching through the earth into the underworlds and high into the sky to the heavens above. As we walk our road of life we spot leaves and sticks and collect them under our arm. When the world grows cold we pile them together to build ourselves a shelter. Over time this refuge becomes bigger and safer, fortifying into a fortress and one day becoming our personal palace. It is a place we all live, a place we all must build on our own, it is a symbol for how we see and think.

On this journey some of us turn toward the tree and tear it down. Others refuse to saw or collect the limbs, instead they seek safe-haven in another person’s palace. The best way to live is to pick up sticks here and there and saw off this or that without leaving the tree cut in half.  With the parts we will have the tools to build our perfect palace.

The tree if life represents the aspects of who we are and when we climb and play on its branches we can learn how to live to be the better version of ourselves.

Playing on the Tree of Life

  1. Digging in the dirt to see the roots that feed us.
  2. Climbing the trunk and feeling its bark
  3. Swinging from the limbs
  4. Exploring the flavor of its fruit.

Our life, like a tree’s root system spreads further and deeper when fed with rich nutrients.  The healthier food something is fed the healthier it becomes. Negative begets negative and positive begets positive.

Indulge the negative and like a disease it will worsen and spread.  Embrace the positive and you’ll expand and attract the same. Feed the soil of life with the energy you desire and you will experience it.  Look inward to find the answers you need. Exploring ideas with others can be great, but no one knows more about you than you do. Come with me and climb this tree to discover how to see the person you want to be.

Digging in the dirt to see the roots that feed us

Be your own life coach and dig into the dirt. It can be messy and muddy but if you look hard enough you will see we have two kinds of roots: Negative and Positive. The negative is comprised of denial, false perception, shame, malfunction, false validation, guilt and regret. The positive is made up of acceptance, wisdom, accountability, rationality, empowerment, forgiveness and harmony.

Climbing the trunk and feeling its bark

Our roots lead into the body of life, which represents the seasons we have endured and years lived. It is our life, our thoughts manifested and actions achieved.

Swinging from the limbs

From the body the Tree reaches out to the Limbs of Negativity and Positivity. The positive is our plans, adventures and dreams; the negative represents our stagnation, isolation and impulse. From the limbs our branches spread and grow to represent the action of these passions and pathos. It is at the end of these branches that we enjoy the fruit of our labor or suffer with its rot.

Exploring the flavor of its fruit

As I reaped the rewards for my hard work I took a bite and discovered a delicious delight. I saw the purpose to the pain, the truth of my terror and the reason for my existence. I am here to help, to show you the clues of what you must do.

To overcome who you are, you might have to split yourself open to observe how you work. Why do you do what you do? Why do you feel how you feel? These are questions anyone can ask, but only you can answer.

I address the dangers of life coaches, gurus and MLMs because they pretend to have answers for questions they cannot know. When it comes to the peace you seek, you already have the answers you need. The journey you walk has been paved by the life you’ve lived.  Look at where you’ve been to figure out where you want to go. The Tree of Life philosophy is about getting to know the true you inside yourself. I don’t have your answers and there is no one you can pay to do your dirty work. Change comes from within, this is the greatest truth I know. I cannot show you your way, but I can show you how I found my path to peace.

Take my hand and follow me as I explore my Tree of Life. I have chosen to open my heart to you, to see how I split myself open to understand how I work. To see how I discovered why I do what I do and feel what I feel. I am going to give your the greatest gifts I can, which are the questions I learned to ask myself to learn what I already knew.



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