Tree of Life

tree of life

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, like a tree’s root system spreads further and deeper when fed with rich soil. We are no different than these mighty plants. The more we feed something the greater it becomes. Negativity begets negativity and positivity begets positivity.

Indulge the negative and like a tumor it will grow and metastasize.  Embrace the positive and you’ll expand and attract the same. Feed the soil of life with the energy you desire and you will experience it.

The Roots of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life has two kinds of roots: Negative and Positive. The negative is comprised of denial, false perception, shame, malfunction, false validation, guilt and regret. The positive is made up of acceptance, wisdom, accountability, rationality, empowerment, forgiveness and harmony.

The negative roots are not the opposite of their positive counter parts. Instead the positive is simply the absence of the negative.

Our roots lead into the body of life, which represents the seasons we have endured and years lived. It is our life, our thoughts manifested and actions achieved.

From the body the Tree reaches out to the Limbs of Negativity and Positivity. The positive is our plans, adventures and dreams; the negative represents our stagnation, isolation and impulse. From the limbs our branches spread and grow to represent the action of these passions and pathos. It is at the end of these branches that we enjoy the fruit of our labor or suffer with its rot.

The Doors of Life

Understanding the consequence of negative energy and benefit of positive isn’t enough. To effectively live we must have the tools available to us so we may influence how our own Tree of Life grows.

This is explained through a series of doors, each door unlocking another to a larger room containing greater opportunities.

  • The exploration of art and writing opens the door to creativity.
  • Within the room of creativity is a doorway that if unlocked may unlock the door to our imagination.
  • Within the room of imagination is a doorway which leads to personal advocacy.
  • By unlocking the door within the room of personal advocacy you will discover a door way to becoming the person you want to be.

The Tolerance Barrel

By exploring the reach of our emotions we have the opportunity to use the rings of our life to transform our existence. The time we have here is akin to clay and may be manipulated into any form. Sculpting our lives one moment at a time. Each second shaping us, adding form and definition. Its an experience, a progressive transformation comprised of equal parts: hurt, terror, love and pleasure. It may be shaped with brutal force or delicate precision.  Some elements can be repaired or replaced, others cannot.

Transformation arrives in many ways, its avenues aren’t limited. Its presence appears in a way that’s dependent upon the origin of the water (energy), whether from positive or negative. The type of water is determined by its relationship with the Tolerance Barrel.

From the barrel our roots are fed

Its from the barrel that our roots are fed, which transforms the energy and is then fed to our Tree of Life. Though the energy has been absorbed by the roots it must travel through the trunk, to our limbs. Depending on which branch grows (our action) determines whether fruit or rot is yielded. The cleaner our source energy is the greater chance the result will be in our favor. Positivity begets positivity and negativity begets negativity.

Transformation may occur whether the action is negative or positive. That is why it is so important to remain aware of the kind of energy we use to feed ourselves.

To get a better understanding imagine your life is a barrel and your stress is the water. As we fill the barrel the greater your stress becomes, this isn’t a real problem until the barrel is filled to the brim. Once this happens pain and discomfort occurs. We feed our roots with the water from this barrel. If we have not reached our tolerance level of stress then the energy we feed it is clean and good.  If we feed it with a barrel that is overflowing our Tree of Life is absorbed negative energy, water that is diluted with pain and stress.

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