Night Time Slumber

Night Time Slumber

Night Time Slumber

It is late and some time ago I laid down for a deep rest, searching for a delightful night time slumber. Perhaps the universe wants me to be awake, maybe it has a desire for me to explore my feels and release them into the ether. As I sit here my body eases away the pains, thoughts and concerns. Occasionally an acidic burn slides up my throat or my tummy whimpers from the prickly pains in my belly. There are moments when I notice the challenge of swallowing, the fleeting ghosting ghosts or the burning smell that flutters up my nose.

Peace finds me as I explore these feels and the feelings from them. Though my body zones may be on the waters of discomfort I have brought a surf board to slide and ride across them. I imagine the warm air wrap around me as I navigate the board atop powerful waves. It is invigorating, rejuvenating and incredible. 

I love life and the cup that comes with it. It is never half full or half empty, it is complete and wrapped with infinite awe. 

Through our cup and the liquid life therein we have our hopes and dreams, our adventures and plans. Many leave this cup on the counter, refusing to take even one sip. Others take a drink here and there. I choose to devour the contents, gulping it down and savoring every drop. 

Drinking life like this can be painful, it means you must accept all of the goods with the bads. You have to embrace the smiles with the frowns. Be ready to explore the most beautiful dreams in our night time slumber, sleeping away in our soft beds. And… be willing give up many nights to the morning.

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