An Update

An Update

An update you say? Yes an update indeed! I hope the universe has been treating you well. Perhaps you’ve gone on an adventure or found a favorite color. My preferred flavor of color is purple or blue, especially in the cold, cylindrical variety.

As of late I’ve been working on all sorts of projects. Right now, I am focusing a lot of my effort into my podcast. Though in the past I made attempts at creating audio material, this time I’ve found my footing. In addition to the podcast I am writing the Advocacy for Hope book. This guidebook will be partially autobiographical and informative. Before the release of this book I will release a series on my podcast relating to its content. The final mentionable is a writing club for people with cancer. The goal is to explore Hope through community and friendship. I look forward to sharing more of the details with you in the coming weeks.

I hope that you have a wonderful week, health and peace to you and yours!

Shawn White


  1. I hope you find others that will embrace hope and healing the way you have. I so admire your passion to use your difficult journey for the good of others!

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