Discovering Hope

Discovering Hope

Every second is a snapshot of infinite beauty.

Discovering Hope

Hope, the cute, yet terrifying mouse. She has guided us, continues to guide us and will always guide us. Hope is our faith, love and belief we can make the best of any situation. Through Hope we can find our way through any hole, overcome any obstacle and put a smile on anyone’s face.

Would you like to live life to its fullest? To avoid the terrible decisions of others? To enjoy the things you love? And to live by your terms?

Of course you do. We all do.

How do we do this? How do we make this a reality?

We achieve this by becoming our own personal advocate.

If I, Shawn White, knew how to advocate for myself at the start of my journey, I would not have done chemotherapy. Even now, I would rather live with the quality of life I have and die sooner, than endure chemo and live longer. This is my land in the sand, I know the quality of life I want to live and I will fight for it. I want to help you find your line in the sand and assist you in developing the tools to fight for it.

My treatment was not worth the cost I paid in pain, but maybe yours will be. We are different people with different needs. You, I and everyone else are uniquely beautiful creatures and all our approaches will be just as varied. To discover personal advocacy, we need to embrace Hope, learn critical thought and develop our force of will. These are the three main components of personal advocacy, but none are more important than Hope.


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