Discovering Forgiveness

Forgiveness soothes the angry bees in our belly and it makes it easier to be. To let go and forgive we must tend to the issues fueling our pain. Sometimes solving this problem can be as complicated as a Cenobite’s puzzle box. In many ways our life is a series of games. Hopefully they become easier along the way as we learn from each.

A big part of forgiveness is accepting everyone makes mistakes. Once we realize and accept this it should become easier to forgive, but it typically isn’t. We are so quick to damn others we fail to see how horrible we are making the world and how vile we are acting. Before getting angry about what someone else did, pause and take a breath then try to empathize with them. Empathy is a key component to solving the Forgiveness puzzle.

If we want forgiveness we must be willing to forgive. The world can be a terrible place, why make it any worse? The more we demand others to suffer, the more we are camouflaging vengeance as justice.

One reason Forgiveness is challenging is because we hurt. Most have not figured out how to give purpose to the pain and so we live a life of suffering. The more we hurt the more suffering we can dispense.

A lot of people refuse to forgive because they confuse it with forgetting. It is important to remember forgiveness is not forgetfulness. When we forgive it is a personal journey of letting go. As we release all those bad feels our suffering begins to diminish and the pleasant glow of peace manifests on the horizon.  By forgiving others we protect ourselves and slow our downward spiral into bitterness.


  1. The most recognizable prayer we have, has one simple phrase in it. “forgive us our sins, as we forgive those that have sinned against us.” The 12 steps of addiction recovery have as part of its healing process to “ask forgiveness from those we have wronged, and to forgive those that have wronged us” and if possible do it face to face. Christ gave us a parable that stated we are in error if we point out the speck in our neighbors eye while ignoring the log in our eye. If you look at the politicos you can easily see that hate, venom, and anger rule a significant portion of our society. I feel sorry for that group, I pray they will achieve wisdom to see the evil they are doing, But mostly I forgive them for they know not what they do. When I forgive, really forgive there is a joy that I feel that I cannot verbalize. Be well and may Gods love and mine fill you with happiness

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