Burglary, theft, betrayal and a friendship destroyed

Our worst decisions often lead to the greatest rewards. It is from these mistakes we acquire the greatest wisdom. In the last few months of 2017 a friend came to me needing help, and so I helped. The price I paid was far more than I expected, and for my hospitality he gave me misery. This person claiming to be my friend threatened to kill me, burglarized my home, destroyed my possessions, took my medicine and stole my money.

He encouraged black mold to grow in his bedroom by modifying his humidifier to belt out copious clouds of steam twenty-four hours a day. He urinated in soda bottles and stashed them away in his closet. After burglarizing my home, he blamed everyone, creating insane narratives to weaken and break my will.

This ‘friend’ knows I have cancer. He was there when my lung was removed and witnessed the horror of my  chemotherapy. Living with me he knows I live in pain every day and I’m trying to climb from a deep, dark pit of hardship.

Even to this day it sickens me to know people like this exist. He is the kind of person who ruins ‘help’ for those who need it. The kind who crushes hopes and dreams by grinding them up with manipulation and lies.

It’s hard to keep from screaming and asking why or demanding the universe for an answer. Every season seems to deliver a steaming hot plate of terribleness; and though I am grateful for every scrap of wisdom and beautiful blessing it doesn’t make it any less painful. Sometimes it just feels like the whole world sucks.

It’s not all bad though. For the most part the world is a really great place. Sure, there are a few bad apples, maybe we’ll step in a few road apples, but there are far more candy apples. We must remember the delicious sweet flavor of life and continue to love each other. The lessons we learn should be remembered but not to hinder us. These lessons are there to guide, help and heal each other.

Though my anger urges me to see this person as a monster from surface to center, my spirit sees a hurting human. I want his broken soul to mend itself and live a life worth living. I have hope this person will learn from their mistakes and stop destroying the lives of others, but I have the wisdom to know I need to protect myself. I must protect myself from this hurting human who wants to hurt me.

How did I protect myself from this friend, this person who tortured my heart and mind, threatened to kill me, burglarized my home, destroyed my possessions, took my medicine and stole my money?

I committed to a simple, but very difficult journey. I stood up for myself, confronted him and pressed charges.

Life is hard, and it doesn’t seem to get any easier. People hurt us and that will never stop. There will always be something that sucks, but don’t let that scare you from living your life.

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