Our Road

We all have our own road, whether it is cracked asphalt, grey gravel or cobblestone. When we are young someone holds our hand, teaching us where to step. Somewhere along the way our guide disappears, and we convince ourselves we must continue alone.

Entering adulthood, we grab our keys and race on the highway of life. We speed along watching the world flash by. Sometimes we peek at the rearview mirror to see what we missed.

It’s a hard road to drive, especially alone. The nights can become long and lonely and as we travel, each city blurs into the next. We lose sight of what we are seeing, especially once we close our eyes. There comes a time when we have seen so many horrible things we no longer want to look. Once we stop looking we miss the magnificence, because in every sight is a scene of horrific beauty and every second is a snap shot of infinite wonder.

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