Words of Hope 10

We have a lot of moving parts in our lives and the complicated nature of it can be dizzying. It sometimes feels like we are walking over a pit of fire on an oiled tightrope. Our journey can be terrifying, painful and horrific, but it is also beautiful, magnificent and magical.

I have faith you will cross this terrible tightrope and be triumphant.

I don’t know what it feels like to be you, but I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by life, underwhelmed by love and lost to my own impulsiveness. Its like getting caught in a cold rain with no shelter in sight. Know the rain will pass, and your skin will warm.  You will see the value of the storm and  there will be a time  when the rain droplets of now, give birth to beautiful flowers of the future.

Words of Hope

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  1. Thank you.your words lift my spirits on this dreary ,sad day.i have made the best choices i could have with my life.but,some days the sad catches me and wraps me in tears.sometimes ,i think the best parts of me may slip away,unmissed by anyone ,save myself.

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