Palliative treatment What does this mean? Part 3

Palliative Treatment

Palliative treatment is a term used to represent the care or therapy of a patient. More specifically it focuses on the their symptoms by addressing them directly and building a treatment plan that focuses on their needs.

The care plan aims to improve their quality of life through medical, emotional and spiritual support.  It’s a treatment that helps the patient live their life to its fullest, whereas hospice aims to make a dying patient’s final days peaceful.

I believe that palliative care should begin at the onset of a cancer diagnosis.  A team of experts and specialists should be brought together to assist in the patient’s treatment plan.  Nutritionists, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, psychologists and other members should be on a cancer patient’s super team.

The cancer experience often leaves you feeling like a child, overwhelmed and frightened.  It is at these scary moments that having someone educated, experienced and empathetic at your side can be the difference between a life of hell and one well lived.


Palliative Care

Palliative Care Video

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Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, What does this mean? Part 2

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Sources for Comprehensive Metabolic Panel can be found here at The Free Dictionary, and Lab Tests Online.

Blood Test


Glucose GlucoseBlood Sugar
BUN blood urea nitrogen Kidney Function Test
Creatinine Creatinine Kidney Function Test


Glomerular Filtration Rate


Kidney Function Test





thyroid-stimulating hormone

Thyroid Function Test

Thyroid Function Test

Sodium Sodium Electrolyte levels
Potassium Potassium Electrolyte levels
Chloride Chloride Electrolyte levels
CO2 carbon dioxide blood bicarbonate level
Calcium Calcium 1,  bones, heart, nerves, kidneys, and teeth
Protein Protein Liver test
Albumin Albumin Liver test
Bili Total bilebilirubin, Total Bilirubin; TBIL; Neonatal Bilirubin; Direct Bilirubin; Conjugated Bilirubin; Indirect Bilirubin; Unconjugated Bilirubin Liver Test
Alk Phos, ALKP Alkaline Phosphatase Liver inflammation and damage test


aspartate amino transferase

Serum Glutamic-OxaloaceticTransaminase

Liver inflammation and damage test



alanine amino transferase

Serum Glutamate PyruvateTransaminase

Liver inflammation and damage test

The following video explains in great detail about the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel.


What does this mean? Part 1 (Introduction)

What does this mean, what does that mean, these are questions I found myself asking along the way.  Often I would see lists of abbreviations and acronyms that represented critical bits of information that did not exist within my vernacular. There is so much information in the medical world, it is easy for anyone to get lost in its sea of vast knowledge.

This series focuses on the abbreviations, acronyms and terms found on the different documents we see through our cancer journey.  This series is less entertaining and more informative, each post will have the subject matter after the part number in parenthesis.  My goal is to provide a comprehensive and easy to locate list to help you understand the difficult road ahead of you.

I want to leave off saying that I am not a doctor or a physician.  These definitions and explanations reflect my own personal research on the topic.  You should consult your health care provider when deciding your medical needs.  My goal is to give you some frame work to help facilitate those conversations.