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Words of Hope 21

Jump into the air and be joyously jolly.  Live, love and wear your heart like a glove.  Stand  with those who lift you high into the sky and dine on life like its a dreamy delight. Be better than before and flourish your beautiful light with all the might of a star. Let no bar barricade you from the gate of your divine destiny. Stand with me and become all you can be, a harmonious human, a happy heart and a silly soul swimming through the sea of destiny.

Words of Hope

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Words of Hope 20

Sight Seeing

Sight Seeing

Sight Seeing

Sight Seeing

Sight seeing in New Orleans was wonderful, I’ve never been to such an exotic and adventurous city.  It was a haunting place at night and a gorgeous land at day. My lady friend and I traveled and explored as much as we could.  We had far too many experiences than I could ever commit to paper.

I remember walking through the French Quarter marveling at all the energy. As we walked the streets the urge to record what I observed was strong.  I chose to fight the desire, I fought the urge to sit and built a narrative, I chose to battle it because if I wrote what was happening, I wouldn’t be living it. I’ve always believed that the greatest component to telling a great story is knowing how to live one first.  We can write till our hands bleed and our knuckles burst, but if we don’t know what it means to live, no one will believe the lives we’re trying to tell.

Sight Seeing

Throughout my life, I never understood the obsession people had for this city, but after spending only a week there I now understand.

On one of the first days we were there we went to a beautiful park in Kenner. We saw all sorts of exotic creatures, ducks, cranes, geese, black swans, seagulls and pelicans. We watched a friendly otter swim in a lake and smiled at all the head bobbing turtles.  There was even a fancy, limply floating fish sleepily swimming sideways!

Sight Seeing

You didn’t even have to look closely to see all sorts of duck families, from fake mallards to real farm ducks. There were fun patterned duckies of all sorts of colors. Some looked all crazy like and chirped like squeaky birds, others had the red faces like buzzards. The park was amazing, easily the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. It was hot like summer and bright like July. We walked, walked and walked.  It was a magnificent day to share many wonderful moments with my very special lady and the whimsical wildlife.

Sight Seeing




Sensations of Neuropathy, Find purpose in the pain

The enchanting music of Enya played from the bedroom nearby.  The beautiful sound of water dripping into the soothing, hot bath was intoxicating.  It was my first bath since I had my lung removed, the sensation was a heavenly experience. The water was a cocktail of skin nourishing concoctions and detoxing medicine. The dim light of the room was romancing my soul, I could feel my spirit begin to rejuvenate.  I ran my finger tip along the surface of my palm, the texture was exquisite.  These are the moments I take myself back to as I sit here thinking about the past.

These sensations are a distant memory, now my finger tips are numb, they tingle with the sharpness of needles.  When I slide my finger across the surface of my palm the sensations are delayed, lacking the sweetness of touch.  My feet are like rubber shoes and burn like they are being licked with fire.

These are the haunting reminders of the lingering ghosts of chemo.  There are no small prices to pay when it comes to cancer.  Everything you do, every choice you make comes at a cost.  Though I sit here experiencing these less than pleasant sensations I do not regret the choices I have made.

These sensations are gifts, they are tools, they are a reminder of the places I have been, the worlds I have discovered.

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