Tangerine – Silly



When a tangerine wants to be angry at a lemon, it doesn’t have to have an edible reason. Ordinarily the tangerine only needs to redirect the stress caused by the avocados and celery of their life onto the lemon. Sure the lemon isn’t as sweet as an orange, but one fruit should never threaten to throw out the other just because of a few minor imperfections in its fruity skin.

Fruit harmony should never be something so readily threatened. Long lasting citric bonds are formed from empathy and mutual compassion.
Citric bonds aren’t about delectable dominance, dreamy demands or compensation for perceived salacious slights. They are about the give and take, letting the insignificant slide and realizing you’re not the center of the universe.

A many a good apple would say “Those fruit who see themselves as victims and believe they are the most pure and good are typically too short sighted to see how they hurt those close to them.

Every food product, be it veggie, fruit or heavenly ham is equally flawed. None better than the other but all equally as beautiful in their own right.

You are a unique fruit, no more unique than a than any other tasty treat. To know that is the first step to empathize with your fellow fruits and vegetables.


Welcome to the new silly section of my blog.  It is a place where I can reclaim my happy go lucky fun loving self.  If you would like to take a break from all the super seriousness then this is your place.

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