Words of Hope 20

Words of Hope 20

When storm clouds thunder and rumble, let your bellows blow. Reach into your chest and let your sadness go and perhaps the silly fun times will be begin to flow. Inspire someone’s soul with sun shine smiles. Give great intentions and subtly  guide them a mile.  Grant sweet spirits, grin ear to ear and glow with gooey goodness as you live with purpose.

Our insides can be sweet and sticky thick, like candy bits inside our spit. They may be empty and oily, perhaps slippery and slick, like a recently born yellow, cute little chick.  But in the end, if we treat them right, simply put we wont have to fight. Our emotions will be true and our judgement fair, in our life we will live with little despair.

When we take the time to care, life becomes a great little lair. It is a cozy good place, where sadness has no base and our heart is happy, without any fear. So come with me now, look to the sky and prepare yourself to fly, cause no matter how the storm clouds rumble, we’ll be ready to give, by taking great strides to live our life.

Words of Hope

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When we Malfunction

When We Malfunction – Tree of Life

When our emotions are running around all wild and such they tend to do some pretty terrible things. They create something I call malfunctions. They are what happen when we let our emotions influence how our thoughts process information. When this occurs we take action that conflicts with what a rational person would do or understand.

  • When we idle we spin.
  • When we spin we repeat ourselves
  • When we repeat ourselves we malfunction
  • When we malfunction we hurt

In the moments we are spinning our world doesn’t make any sense. As it spins we try to solve the problem, we think and feel our way through it. Then as we try to fix, we malfunction. When this happens, we try to do something to alleviate ourselves of the pain. But it never works and we hurt. We really hurt.

Then it starts again, until we can break the pattern.

The manifestation of a malfunction could appear like this:

I’m tired of her pestering me about the bananas. If she wanted to have them that much she should have ordered them herself. If she wants those damn bananas, I’m going to really let her have those bananas. See how she feels. Let her feel how I feel.

This person does something to the bananas. For a moment, it gives them pleasure. They feel power over the lady. We hope they can catch themselves before they give the bananas to her. If they do then they will prevent the cycle from beginning again. Most of us don’t catch ourselves and we begin to spiral.


Malfunction – Tree of Life

Never-ending Journey – Relfections

Never-ending Journey

Never-ending Journey

In a world of regret, of sadness and shame we are prone to experiencing a myriad of pain before we find our way. Each way is a road leading to another path of pain. It is a never-ending journey, but with each step we discover more about how to be, how to live, how to exist.

I am not the master of anything, or a jack of all, I am just a person looking inward and trying to express himself outward. I love you, even though we may have never met, I love you and you are loved. If I don’t like you, or you don’t like me, I still love you. Perhaps we crossed each other, I wronged you or you wronged me, no matter I still love you.

We all do things that we might not be proud of, we all have emotions and we express them. No matter what we may believe we are never the master of our own emotions. Eventually they will escape from their crate and run amuck.

It is a matter of knowing which emotions we want to let free, which we need to take for a walk and which we need to leave in a crate. The “bad” ones need to be crate trained, fed a certain kind of diet, but ultimately, loved the same as any other.

Life is love, perhaps not beyond the boundaries of the world I know, but beyond what I know, I cannot know.

We cannot be in each other’s vulnerable moments, but at these times, search for love, search for goodness. Accept nothing less than those who will love us unconditionally. Who will accept us for who we are because they love everything about us.

We may at times feel powerful, but when we desire to have power over another, we are focused on the “me” instead of the we. We are love, we are life, we are the journey.


Equal and Peaceful – Poem