Sights, Be who you were born to be

Sometimes we see signs that encourage and compel. Sights that inspire and raise us higher. They can be moments that move our heart into our dark parts and swell our eyes with tears. They can be shafts of golden light brilliantly shinning with the sun’s delight. Maybe they are inspired by sights and sounds so distant and alien, or flat and grey we dont know what to say.

Sometimes we share seconds with souls of such signifigance we treasure them silently, nestling and nuturing them with our spirit.

Perhaps we take these tremendous times and wear them like a shirt. Allowing our experiences to glow on our sleeve so we can become who we were born to be.

Words of Hope

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Hope 23

Words of Hope 23

There are so many things we can do, but only if we are wearing blue shoes. If you want to know what to do, it will only take a few, we can take a cake from a pan and stand it up in the shape of a man. Surely, whirly maybe so, maybe his name will be Sterling Stan.

If it is, then we know, that we have to share with him how it goes. According to the band we have to play, a melody that celebrates this fine ol day. In this time it must be magical, a momentous moment that is fantastical and fun.

So without further a do, let me show you what can be done.

When you wallow in the shallow water inhabited by swallows you can call out to the walruses, malls and crosses.

You can play with Waldo by tossing your ball but only if are willing to confess you threw it over the wall. You can smile for awhile but only if you pet a goose like you’re a cast member of Foot Loose.

You can wine and dine Kevin Bacon but only if your willing to do some shake and baking. Be like Ricky Bobby at Taledega Nights and race like you’re going to out pace everyone to take first place.

These are some things you can do, but only if you are wearing blue shoes. Now you know what to do, it will only take a few, we can bake a cake and make a man, and name him Sterling Stan.

Now you know you can start to glow. You may embrace the silly till it’s stuck and play life like it’s a hockey puck. Slide and stretch, stride and glide cause in the end life will find a way to abide.


Words of Hope

Shawn White Blog


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